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From "Chris Haddad" <>
Subject RE: Support for xsd:unsigned* and xsd:time
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 20:06:59 GMT
Chris - 

I have an action item to ask the Axis-dev team on this issue.  

If the axis-dev team feels an implementation using the same approach
taken for the xsd:token and xsd:normalizedString support would be merged
into the main codebase, I'll pick up the work.

Check out the approach and patch files used to tackle bugzilla bug 10493
which extended support to xsd:token.  You should be able to add
xsd:unsigned* and xsd:time fairly easily to your version of Axis.


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From: Christopher Kowalski [] 
Sent: Friday, July 12, 2002 3:55 PM
Subject: Support for xsd:unsigned* and xsd:time

I asked this question on the user's mailing list a couple of days ago,
but go no response, so I'm trying again here...

Wsdl2java doesn't currently support xsd:unsigned* and xsd:time.  I was
wondering if support for these types would make it into the next
release.  If not, I would like to know when it would be available.

Lack of support for these types is preventing me from using Axis to the
degree I would like.  Proper support for these types isn't necessary for
me -- it's not necessary to enforce the sign restriction in the Java
client, therefore mapping unsignedInt to a long or an int would be fine.
Mapping xsd:time to GregorianCalander is OK too.

I was just wondering if I could expect this to be supported in the near
future and what form this support would take.  Will it be a simple
mapping like I described above, or will it map to a special class that
enforces the restriction?

Thanks for any information,


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