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Subject HashMap/Hashtable, nil/null and timing.
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 17:03:46 GMT
I have 3 problems.

First, I noticed that apache-soap is sometimes using 'null' while
axis is using 'nil'. I have no idea why this happens - but it
affects the interoperability ( i.e. can't make calls from apache-soap
to axis ). I have a simple patch that would accept null - let me know
if I can send it.

Second problem: it seems apache-soap uses Hashtable while Axis
is using HashMap ( for soap map ). That creates pretty serious
problems in migrating from a-soap to axis, as all the code will
have to be changed. There are 3 (possible) solutions I found:

- change the bean introspector to see if the attribute is Hashtable
I couldn't understand the code, so I can't do that.

- add some HastableSerializer/Deserializer, duplicating the MapS/D
code, then some configuration ( is it possible to replace the 
encoders for standard types ? )

- use a system property ( or setting ) in MapS/D in one line,
the one creating a HashMap. Since Hashtable implements Map, there
is no other change needed. That's what I did to get my code working,
and I can provide a patch using System property ( if someone who 
understand the axis config could implement this - it would be great ).

Finally, I would like to add few lines of code and a Log to 
display the time - how much does it take to do Call.invoke(),
the time spend in doPost() and few other important counters.
This will be controled by a special Log channel, and do nothing
if the time log is not set to debug.
Again, I can provide a patch if you want it.


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