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Subject RE: Axis Re-architecture
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 13:54:26 GMT

Just to echo that...  there are efforts outside the immediate AXIS group
related to integration of AXIS into other systems.  This can be done by
taking AXIS as-is and shoe-horning.  Alternatively, I - and I hope others -
see what appears to be generally useful integration points that can be
added to AXIS to facilitate this effort.  In addition, while doing this
type of work, I frequently find myself duplicating simple code steps that
are already available in axis, if they could only be made available (i.e.
enum class attributes & methods).

So, it is reasonable (to me) to contribute even the most simple refactoring
to axis where it improves axis, makes integration smoother, and reduces
redundant code, and minimized dependencies upon AXIS.  I'm hoping that this
will help others also.

I know much of this appears trivial, but don't forget that AXIS 1.0 doesn't
stand alone and that all involved with the project are doing so because it
furthers their own purposes.

IT IS GOOD that those involved have different priorities and focus on
different aspects - this is what will make AXIS strong in the end.

I agree that in the end meeting a spec is paramount, but in my experience
you can have 'function and quality' with good team work and little effort
than just 'function'.

Glyn, I appreciate your desire to start a new architecture.  I also believe
that we should be more concerned with evolving the existing code base.

+1 to proposing incremental steps (small or big) that move us toward an
improved architecture.

Richard A. Sitze  
CORBA Interoperability & WebServices
IBM WebSphere Development

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Hi Glen,

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> De: Glen Daniels []
> Enviado el: miércoles 12 de junio de 2002 15:07
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> Asunto: Re: Axis Re-architecture

> I think:
> - Bug fixing / interop is critical.
> - JAX-RPC compliance is critical.
> - TCK compliance is critical.
> - SOAP 1.2 compliance is slightly less important, but still critical.
> - Performance and ease of use are also in the fairly critical
> category, IMHO.
> I don't see much else (i.e. refactoring, code cleanup, etc)
> as being that
> critical right now, to tell you the truth.

IMHO, refactoring is never critical in itself. Except that it facilitates
bug fixing and performance. And also adding new functionalities. Most of
the time, it takes less time to refactor, then add code to something you
don't understand well; than adding it no matter what.

But of course you know that. In my projects, I always prefer a refactor-as-
you-go attitude, but here in Axis I'm a complete outsider. Just wanted to
give my opinion.

Un saludo,

Alex Fernández.

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