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From "Glyn Normington" <>
Subject [VOTE] Delete FaultableHandler?
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 12:30:25 GMT
I've just been running through the arch. guide to spot any glaring
mistakes. I hope that more sections will be contributed as the codebase
stabilises towards v1.0 as more people are going to need to understand the
code. There is a placeholder about FaultableHandler and I either need to
explain its purpose or delete the placeholder.

I propose to delete FaultableHandler and the code in WSDDService that
refers to the permanently empty faultFlows vector. I don't think we should
keep this code unless someone is actually going to activate it before v1.0.
There is no point keeping the code "just in case" as it will remain in cvs
for posterity if anyone really wants to unearth it. Doug pointed out that
he'd like the <faultFlow> stuff finishing, but I don't think that the
current FaultableHandler code is contributing at all to that end.

I personally don't think anyone should vote -1 unless they are also
committing to provide the missing code, although this may be an abuse of
the voting process and I'll accept correction ;-).


BTW, I'm leaving work soon, but I'll check for -1's on Monday, before I
make any changes!


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