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From "Volanis, Alexander" <>
Subject RE: code contribution
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 16:20:04 GMT

I think this is a very good addition for Axis. I have looked
into all of these and I would use them if they were available.
I do not find that it is stupid to have several certificates.
It is often necessary to do that. Until PKI becomes a commodity
item we have to deal with such problems.

I hope the dev community accepts your contribution.


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From: []
Sent: Friday, June 07, 2002 6:43 AM
Subject: code contribution


  This is not a question about Axis.
  I wrote several mails to the user list, but no reaction.
So I thought I'll give it a shot on this list also. 
  My mail is mainly about Digest authentication in 
HTTPSender class. I was playing around with this issue, 
because my project need both Basic and Digest authentication.
So I "upgraded" HTTSender to support both authentication
methods. It seems to work, but for now it only support MD5,
and has a few more restrictions. 
  I also played with SSL and client certificates. What I
did is to enable the code to let the user choose the certificate
to be sent based on alias. I don't know if this is useful
or not, it is a stupid thing to have several certificates, but
this was also a requirement from me. So I hacked this one too.
  Anyway I thought I'll ask you if Axis developer group is
interested about these issues. I'd be most happy to contribute
to Axis. In this case I'll try to make HTTPSender ever more
clever and maybe support other (digest) algorithms too. 

  So, what do you think ? Is Digest authentication planned into
Axis ?

               Regards, Geza

Szôcs Géza
  Software Engineer - Nokia Hungary / NMP
  Tel: +36-20-9849623, Email:  

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