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From blake biesecker <>
Subject RE: C# client, java server
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 15:18:20 GMT
Visual Studio .NET should build up the client side stubs for you when you
import the
WSDL as a Web Reference. Then it is just about using the generated C#
classes to
make your calls to the server.
We ran into a slight problem with the href/id mechanism when interoperating
Axis, but we were able to fix that and it is no longer an issue with the
most current
code base.
Also, we were using typed arrays, so you might run into issues using the
as a return argument. (But maybe not. I believe there are other posts on
this list
that discuss Vector issues between .NET and Axis.)

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From: Pop Marius []
Sent: Monday, June 10, 2002 7:26 AM
Subject: C# client, java server

Hi everybody !
I am going to describe you my problem:
I use Tomcat 4.0.3 application server and I have java classes under a web
application. From these classes I want to call methods via SOAP.
My client is C# from Visual Studio .net.
Lets have an example:
public class X {
    private String prop1;
    private String prop2;
    // I have also defined getter/setter methods below
public class Y {
    public void method1(X obj) {
    public Vector method2() {
        return a Vector by X type objects..
Thus, I told to SOAP that I am about to use method1, method2 methods.
But, unfortunetly my client is C# so I have to prepare my method1 call from
Question: How can I manipulate data types between C#, java because there are
2 different languages, with different data types, even if I declare a X
class in C# and I pass it to method1 ,my server will recognize it?
>From client to server we should always to pass primitive types as parameters
For method2 which returns a Vector by X objects I found a solution: I read
SOAP envelope (nodes) but it's very hard work to get datas from XML and to
put it somewhere in client objects or variables. Do you have a better idea ?
So, it would be nice if one of you will point me in the right direction,
probably I misunderstood  all and there are other ways to resolve the
Thanks in advance !
Pop Marius Lucian

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