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From Tom Jordahl <>
Subject RE: query regarding org.apache.axis.wsdl.toJava.Emitter class
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 17:24:16 GMT
I see two simpler ways to do this. 

1. File an enhancement request (or better yet, make a patch) that extends the FileInfo stuff
to include the list of 'get' interfaces in the Service class.

2. Since you know the class name of the port, you can just construct the name of the get<portClassName>
API and just call it.

One of our products (ColdFusion MX) uses the second solution, which is why I added the GeneratedFileInfo
in the first place, so programs wouldn't have to guess what WSDL2Java did. :-)

Tom Jordahl 

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From: Russell Butek
Sent: 6/5/2002 7:06 AM
Subject: Re: query regarding org.apache.axis.wsdl.toJava.Emitter class

Oops! I see Sandeep also send this request to axis-dev. I'm forwarding
my response to him in case anyone else cares to see a solution.

Russell Butek
---------------------- Forwarded by Russell Butek/Austin/IBM on
06/05/2002 09:05 AM ---------------------------

To: Sandeep Lakshmipathy/India/IBM@IBMIN

From: Russell Butek/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
Subject: Re: query regarding org.apache.axis.wsdl.toJava.Emitter class 
Importance: Normal

Sorry, the color was lost when the note got to me. I'm assuming you want
to find the name of "getStockQuoteServicePort"?

You can get this, but it's not simple. First you need the symbol table:

SymbolTable st = emitter.getSymbolTable();

Now you have to find the ServiceEntry for "StockQuoteServiceName". This
is rather tough. You've got the package name, but the symbol table is
organized by QName. You could do one of two things:
1. search through the symbol table looking for an entry whose getName()
method (which contains the Java name) equals your fully qualified class
name, or
2. Get the namespaces class (emitter.getNamespaces()) which contains
mappings from XML namespaces to package names. But since you have to do
the reverse mapping, it would mean searching the values of this map
until you found your package, then finding this value's key. This is a
much smaller map than the symbol table.

Once you've got the QName you can call:

ServiceEntry se = st.getServiceEntry(qname);
javax.wsdl.Service service = se.getService();
Map ports = service.getPorts();

Note that a service can have any number of ports, so there's no way to
get any single one. But in most cases there IS only one, so the Map
returned by getPorts will only have one element. In that case...

Port port = (Ports) ports.values().iterator().next();
String portName =

portName will be the name of the method.

HOWEVER! Since this is all rather messy, you may be better off simply
extending the emitter framework. Here's a quick program I wrote which
does what I think you want: (See attached file:
attached file: It was rather fun to write
this, it tested the extensibility of the framework.

Russell Butek

To: Russell Butek/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
Subject: query regarding org.apache.axis.wsdl.toJava.Emitter class

Dear  Russell,
I have been using the Emitter class to generate the stubs for the
given WSDL URI. I am using the getGeneratedFileInfo() method and the
returned GeneratedFileInfo object to retrieve information about the
generated classes. Now I want to find out the name of the method(i.e.
Port for the service, see code in BLUE) that i want to invoke. Can I get
this info from using the Emitter class or any other related class?

public interface StockQuoteServiceName extends javax.xml.rpc.Service {
public String getStockQuoteServicePortAddress();

public localhost.StockQuoteServicePortType getStockQuoteServicePort()
throws javax.xml.rpc.ServiceException;

public localhost.StockQuoteServicePortType
getStockQuoteServicePort( portAddress) throws

Sandeep L
IBM Global Services

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