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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject COMMITTERS PLEASE READ: beta-3 "mustfix" bug summary
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 03:20:32 GMT

Here are the "musts" for beta-3, and what I can tell of their current status.  If any of this
is inaccurate, please let me know.

M 8476 - must - Rich

  Looks like this is due to an "id" attribute.  Rich suggests closing it.

M 8646 - must - ?

  I can take this one tomorrow.  I'll add a test which forces a serialization
  exception and confirms that we propagate it up correctly.

M 9393 - must - Rich

  No information - Rich?

M 9405 - must - Tom

  Tom has a fix for this in process, needs a little more testing.  We should
  be able to nail it tomorrow.

M 9717 - must - Tom

  Dealing with the basic set of schema types is being worked around by
  having a "not supported" exception for those types we don't handle.  This
  doesn't solve the problem, but makes for a more comprehensible message.
  Longer term, we have to deal more gracefully with types + schema constructs
  which we don't understand yet.

M 9780 - must - Rick

  Per Rick's last comment, there is a fix but it's a "work in progress".  Rick,
  should we expect more here for beta-3?

M 9987 - must - Glen

  Waiting for opinions, but my feeling is to just leave the code as it is and
  mark the bug invalid, since several JDK APIs do this same thing.


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