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From Heitzso <>
Subject nightly builds broken?
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 15:25:09 GMT
pulled most current nightly build this AM
and configured everything to compile OK
(was rigged for beta2 and xml package layout
re QName had changed)

trying to deploy or run a test via a proxy
stub breaks with an exception thrown from

going to axis-dev archives I see recent entries for 
changes in this area.

	OS is Win2K
	my code compiled with jikes 1.5
	running sun jdk 1.4.0_01
	tomcat 4.0.4
I have not copied jars over to a tomcat lib
but am using -Djava.endorsed.dirs and picking
up all axis jars via that mechanism, along with
the 2 xerces 2.0.2 jar files.

QUESTION:  Is my setup wrong?  What interim
drop is stable enough to develop with?  axis-user list
often recommends running with a nightly drop because
of the many changes post beta2.  ??


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