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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Can somebody help me?
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 12:10:52 GMT
Luis Miguel Vicente Mosquera wrote:

>Hello, I have some questions if anyboy can help me?
>1 - What is the difference between XML-RPC, JAX-RPC and SOAP?

XML-RPC and SOAP are both wire level protocols.  XML-RPC is generally 
considered simpler, and SOAP is generally considered more capable.

JAX-RPC is a standardized interface to SOAP from the Java programming 

>2 - What is the difference between WebServices IBM toolkit and Sun
>WebServices ?

Perhaps you are asking for a comparison against Sun's Web Services 
Developer's pack?

Both are preview technologies that cover the core of web services: SOAP, 

>what is the difference between Axis from Apache and JAX-RPC from Sun?

One is open source, the other isn't.  ;-)

Both implement the JAX-RPC interfaces.

IBM's WSTK is based on Axis.  Sun's JAX PAKis based on Sun's 
implementation of JAX RPC.

- Sam Ruby

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