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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject RE: code contribution
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 13:21:04 GMT

Are the following class available for download? under what license? Hope it's not a joke :)

> import;
> import;
> import;


--- wrote:
> Hi, 
>   I attached a class, HTTPTransportHandler which is an upgraded
> version of HTTPSender. I included HTTP Digest authentication in the 
> code. The SSL socket creation was also changed a bit, but this is
> a special case: I wanted to support choosing a client certificate
> based on alias. Let's say it is a hack for a special case. 
>   I'm using some own properties which I insert in the bag, but these
> can be changed easily if needed in Axis. Also constants can be  moved
> in HTTPConstants.
>   Please somebody, who knows more about security and HTTP, look at
> this contribution and feel free to insert it (and upgrade it) into HTTPSender. 
>   If there is a need, I can do some more modifications myself to
> the code to make it more suitable. I would be glad to maintain this
> class in the CVS also, but I don't know how can I gain access to
> the code repository. 
>                       Regards, and good work, Geza
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> From: ext []
> Sent: 07. June 2002 21:20
> To: Szocs Geza (NMP/Budapest);
> Subject: Re: code contribution
> I myself have no opinion about Digest authentication, but if you want to contribute code,
> axis-dev is the better place to post it than axis-user. Perhaps if you post something,
> who knows more about security (dims?) will find the time to look at your contribution.
> Russell Butek
> Please respond to 
> To: <>
> cc: 
> Subject: code contribution
> Hi,
> This is not a question about Axis.
> I wrote several mails to the user list, but no reaction.
> So I thought I'll give it a shot on this list also.
> My mail is mainly about Digest authentication in
> HTTPSender class. I was playing around with this issue,
> because my project need both Basic and Digest authentication.
> So I "upgraded" HTTSender to support both authentication
> methods. It seems to work, but for now it only support MD5,
> and has a few more restrictions.
> I also played with SSL and client certificates. What I
> did is to enable the code to let the user choose the certificate
> to be sent based on alias. I don't know if this is useful
> or not, it is a stupid thing to have several certificates, but
> this was also a requirement from me. So I hacked this one too.
> Anyway I thought I'll ask you if Axis developer group is
> interested about these issues. I'd be most happy to contribute
> to Axis. In this case I'll try to make HTTPSender ever more
> clever and maybe support other (digest) algorithms too.
> So, what do you think ? Is Digest authentication planned into
> Axis ?
> Regards, Geza
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> Szôcs Géza 
> Software Engineer - Nokia Hungary / NMP
> Tel: +36-20-9849623, Email:

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