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From "Sandeep L" <>
Subject query regarding org.apache.axis.wsdl.toJava.Emitter class
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 12:11:23 GMT
Dear Friends,

I have been using the Emitter class to generate the stubs for the 
given WSDL URI. I am using the getGeneratedFileInfo() method and 
the returned GeneratedFileInfo object to retrieve information 
about the generated classes. Now I want to find out the name of 
the method(i.e. the Port for the service, see code in BLUE) that i 
want to invoke. Can I get this info from using the Emitter class 
or any other related class?

public interface StockQuoteServiceName extends 
javax.xml.rpc.Service {
     public String getStockQuoteServicePortAddress();

     public localhost.StockQuoteServicePortType 
getStockQuoteServicePort() throws 

     public localhost.StockQuoteServicePortType 
getStockQuoteServicePort( portAddress) throws 

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