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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject Re: Axis Re-architecture
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 13:23:41 GMT
RE: Axis Re-architectureHi Alex:

I hear ya.  And I also understand that different people have different priorities which influence
when refactoring should happen, and that's fine.  I'm just saying that from my very personal
point of view, it seems like the refactoring to bug-fixing/value-add-for-1.0 ratio has been
a touch high.

Really, I'm just saying I'd like us to get the TCK passed, deal with all valid schemas and
WSDLs in some way that's preferably not faulting (even if it's not exactly where we eventually
want to be), and get the thing out the door. :)  I'm way +1 to do-ocracies, and should be
putting my money where my fingers are with respect to getting this stuff done.

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  From: Fernandez Martinez, Alejandro 
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  Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 3:13 PM
  Subject: RE: Axis Re-architecture

  Hi Glen, 

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  > I think: 
  > - Bug fixing / interop is critical. 
  > - JAX-RPC compliance is critical. 
  > - TCK compliance is critical. 
  > - SOAP 1.2 compliance is slightly less important, but still critical. 
  > - Performance and ease of use are also in the fairly critical 
  > category, IMHO. 
  > I don't see much else (i.e. refactoring, code cleanup, etc) 
  > as being that 
  > critical right now, to tell you the truth. 

  IMHO, refactoring is never critical in itself. Except that it facilitates bug fixing and
performance. And also adding new functionalities. Most of the time, it takes less time to
refactor, then add code to something you don't understand well; than adding it no matter what.

  But of course you know that. In my projects, I always prefer a refactor-as-you-go attitude,
but here in Axis I'm a complete outsider. Just wanted to give my opinion.

  Un saludo, 

  Alex Fernández. 

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