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From "Wes Moulder" <>
Subject RE: [jsr110-eg-disc] QName (COMMITTERS PLEASE READ)
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 15:45:20 GMT
Ya'll might not like me stepping in here, but I have two questions about
a)       isn't a local part of "one:two" illegal?
b)       Why not make your QName do both from the valueOf() method?
It should be trivially easy to figure out which one of the two forms the
string is in, and since a : is illegal in an NCName (what the localpart
is defined as), it shouldn't be difficult to figure out which form it's
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From: [] 
Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2002 8:16 AM
Subject: RE: [jsr110-eg-disc] QName (COMMITTERS PLEASE READ)
+1 (as long as our build and the TCK continue to work, of course)
(grumblegrumblegrumble - yet ANOTHER jar file to deal with!)

Matt DOES raise a puzzling question, though. Here are some simple tests
of this new QName:

valueOf("{one}two") results in namespace="one", localPart="two" and
valueOf("one:two") results in namespace="", localPart="one:two" and

This NEW QName.toString() DOES return "{namespace}localPart". This is
the first time I've encountered that! I guess we have to toe the line.
I'll be curious to see whether that breaks our build or not.

Russell Butek
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To: Matthew Duftler/Watson/IBM@IBMUS
cc: "''" <> 
Subject: RE: [jsr110-eg-disc] QName (COMMITTERS PLEASE READ)

Hi Matt!
As part of the resolution to the QName issue, the Sun guys have put out
a separate little jar containing just the QName class, called
jax-qname.jar.  This is available at off the JAX-RPC
downloads page.  I'm proposing that we all move to using that, which
should hopefully deal with both issues you raised as well as avoiding
the danger of code skew between different versions of the source.
Axis committers - cool with y'all if I yank our QName implementation and
add the jax-qname.jar to our lib dir?
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From: Matthew Duftler []
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 2:45 PM
Cc: ''
Subject: Re: [jsr110-eg-disc] QName

Hi Glen,

I'm going through the QName changes now, and I have a quick question:

The API docs for QName.valueOf(String) state that the String argument
must be in the form returned by QName.toString(),
{namespaceURI}localPart. However, the QName.toString() method appears to
return namespaceURI:localPart. Do you have info on which is the correct
behavior? Since the API docs come from the JAX-RPC spec, I would assume
the toString behavior is wrong, but this is the first I'm really looking
at javax.xml.namespace.QName, so I want to be sure.

[IMAGE]Glen Daniels <>


Glen Daniels <> 

06/19/02 09:41 AM
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To: "''" <>
Subject: [jsr110-eg-disc] QName

Hi folks!

So JAX-RPC final includes the new javax.xml.namespace.QName class, which
will eventually be rolled into JAXP as discussed a while ago on this and
other lists. Axis has already switched over to the new class, and I'm
wondering whether you guys could do the replacement of javax.wsdl.QName
with the new class anytime soon? This would make life much easier for
anyone using both WSDL4J and Axis/JAX-RPC....


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