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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: SOAP 1.2, GET, and Axis
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 04:00:48 GMT
"Glen Daniels" <> writes:
> 2) For now, simply exposing the switch is enough to get us in line with
the spec, and we leave it completely up to the developer to decide how they
want to form their URLs - to us it's just a String pointing to an endpoint.
> --Glen

Hmm. Given that Axis encourages folks to use WSDL2Java and not
use the Axis APIs directly, how do you see this working without
WSDL having bindings for this new MEP?

Also, just saying "take this endpoint" doesn't quite work with
the notion of a stub at all. The point of a stub is to pass the
params in and have the stub do its stuff. So not having
a standard convention means that you absolutely need something
like a WSDL description of the service so that the stub knows
how to marshall the arguments into an HTTP GET URI.

Note that in the stub scenario, the developer never sees SOAP
and definitely doesn't see whether the SOAP is carried over
HTTP POST or GET. That's just a binding detail that gets
hidden inside the stub.

To me, the real impact of the new MEP will be on WSDL2Java, when
WSDL has a binding for it.


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