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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject Re: AXIS BUG ?
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 14:19:36 GMT
These are not bugs.  See my comments inline between <rjb>...</rjb>

Russell Butek

"Jean-Marc Taillant" <> on 05/29/2002 08:41:06

Please respond to

To:    <>, <>
Subject:    AXIS BUG ?

Hi all,
I found several bugs in server sid generated  WSDL ( invoked with the ?wsdl
option in the  URL...).
I made tests with several tools ( XML spy (  soap debugger plug-in &
SOAP:Net from and i find this:

AXIS generate WSDL with "<wsdl:" namespace  before almost element:
    This syntax is not understanded  by XML spy and SOAP:Net

The "wsdl" prefix defines the namespace that the wsdl constructs are in.
This prefix is defined.  The default namespace is the same as the "wsdl"
namespace, so strictly speaking, the "wsdl" prefix is not needed, but it is
not wrong to have it.

SOAP:Net need name attribute in "definitions"  element.
    I found that AXIS does not  include this attribute in WSDL.

The spec says that the name attribute in definitions is optional.

The AXIS version used is the last nightly build  from 28/05/2002

Somewhere else, i try .Net wsdl.exe tool to  generate client C# proxy and
all is Ok for MS.

I think it a problem because AXIS need to be  compliant with client side
toolkit. I know that there can be a xml spy &  SOAP:Net problem ( i send
email to them) but there is no cost to include "name"  attribute for

Sounds like xml spy and SOAP:Net aren't following the specs.

We could certainly add a name, but what would it be?  The portType or
service name?  (there could be more than 1 portType or service in a single
definition).  The file name?  (this could be dynamic:
"http://service/service?wsdl" vs "c:/service/myservice.wsdl")  Some
constant?  (rather meaningless)  If you're only concerned about what ?wsdl
gives you, then I think we'd be safe giving you the service name for the
definition name since there will be only one service generated.  Right,


Jean Marc

I send this mail to axis-dev because this mail come  after a large number
of mail with no response.

Sorry if we haven't responded to you.  We've gotten rather overloaded,

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