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From "Glyn Normington" <>
Subject Re: JAXM SOAP Package
Date Thu, 30 May 2002 13:16:35 GMT

I didn't see a response to the note below. Are you still interested in
contributing to Axis? The mood of the Axis project is currently to
encourage newcomers - something we've not been good at in the past - so
you'd be very welcome to partipate!

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I'd appreciate some help in implementing the JAXM SOAP package in Axis, so
thanks for the offer! Sorry I haven't responded sooner - I was on vacation.
I don't have much experience of JAXM, so you may find that some things you
take for granted are not obvious to me - which should help us produce a
good implementation!

Firstly, this kind of communication is best kept to the Axis developer's
mailing list. Please subscribe to that if you haven't already. This gives
other developers a chance to comment. I've copied axis-dev on this reply,
for example.

Secondly, thanks for It prompted me to implement
detachNode as previously I'd no-opped that.

Thirdly, I do have some comments on the code in

1. (Boring, but important) It should contain the Apache license like other
Axis source files.

2. There's no need to reproduce the javadoc from the interface  --
including it causes dual maintenance.

3. I don't think we need many constructors. I think it would be sufficient
to have a single package-scope constructor that can be called from
SOAPEnvelope.getHeader. I don't see much point in being able to create a
SOAPHeader in isolation given that it's basically just an aggregation of
SOAPHeaderElement instances.

4. Maybe we should add a constructor to SOAPHeaderElement which takes a
Name parameter. This will simplify addHeaderElement.

5. Maybe we should add a 'hasActor' method to SOAPHeaderElement which takes
an actor string and returns true if and only if the actor matches the
header element's actor value (coping with null values, of course). We could
        a) compress two loops into one in getHeaderElements,
        b) move the node detaching logic of getHeaderElements into
extractHeaderElements, and
        c) merge getHeaderElements into examineHeaderElements.
I think the resulting code will look quite a bit simpler, IMHO.

Let me know what you think of the above comments and we'll take it from



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I am Axis user and trying to contribute someting. I know Axis is trying to
implement JAX-RPC, which include the SOAP package of JAXM. Since I have
experience with JAXM I may of help in this part.

I noticed the message package are not JAXM compliant yet, e.g. no
and SOAPBody implementation. I create a SOAPHeader implementation based on
my knowledge of Axis. If this is useful I can help to create other missing
pieces like SOAPFault, Detail....

Xiaoping Wen
Hewlett-Packard Company
HP Bluestone Middleware Division
6000 Irwin Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Phone: (856)-638-6057

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