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From "Peter Brittenham" <>
Subject Proposal to contribute WSIL4J to Apache Axis
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 18:39:29 GMT
Last November, IBM and Microsoft jointly released the Web Services
Inspection Language (WS-Inspection) specification [1].  The WS-Inspection
specification defines a distributed Web service discovery method, which was
complementary to the centralized service discovery method defined by UDDI.
WS-Inspection defines a method for inspecting a web site for references to
Web service descriptions.

While working on the IBM Web Services Toolkit, we developed a set of Java
classes for accessing and parsing existing WS-Inspection documents, as well
as programmatically creating new documents.  This code is referred to as
WSIL4J.  We are interesting in contributing this code to Apache Axis, since
we'd like to promote the implementation of a WS-Inspection interface in
Axis.  This interface would return the current list of deployed services in
a WS-Inspection document.  For example, if you invoke Axis-based services
at http://hostname:80/axis/services, then http://hostname:
80/axis/inspection.wsil might be the location where you could get a WS-
Inspection document that contained a list of deployed services.

You can download the current WSIL4J package at http://www.apache.
org/~dug/  In addition to the source code, this zip file
contains a README file, a docs directory with the WSIL spec and a WSIL
overview article that I wrote, a couple of sample applications, and an ANT
build script.  In addition to building the source code and samples, the
build script will generate the javadoc for this code.  Currently the source
code uses* for the package names.  If this becomes a part of
Axis, then the package name should change to something like org.apache.
wsil.* or org.apache.axis.wsil.*.  Also, this code would be made available
under the standard Apache license.

Please note that parts of this package have a dependency on the open source
WSDL4J and UDDI4J code (http:.//  The WS-Inspection
specification defines two sets of extension elements:  one for WSDL and one
for UDDI.  WSDL4J is used when processing WSDL based service descriptions,
and UDDI4J is used when processing the UDDI extension elements (since some
of these elements are the same elements that are defined by UDDI).  The
WSIL4J package also has a QName class, which should be replaced by the one
used in Axis.

Below, I've listed a set of resources where you can get more information on
WS-Inspection.  You can also see an example of a WS-Inspection document at  This document contains references
to all of the Web service descriptions available at the XMethods site.

We would be interested in any feedback on our  proposal to contribute this
code to Apache Axis.

Peter Brittenham
IBM Emerging Technologies

1. Web Services Inspection Language Specification
2. An overview of the Web Services Inspection Language
3. The WS-Inspection and UDDI Relationship
4. WSIL: Do we need another Web Services Specification?
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