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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject RE: SerializationContext/DeserializationContext cleanup?
Date Thu, 09 May 2002 19:48:28 GMT
I guess what I'm saying is that I don't think this is a place where there is going to be any
call for pluggability.  YAGNI.

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From: R J Scheuerle Jr []
Sent: Thursday, May 09, 2002 3:40 PM
Subject: Re: SerializationContext/DeserializationContext cleanup?

Generally, separating interfaces from implementation is a good thing. 

For one, it gives us the opportunity to make this a pluggable piece in the future. 

Also it establishes better boundaries between the components.  Before I made these changes,

there was a lot of interactions between components using public or package visible fields.

I feel that the Context classes are a lot better off (and remain better organized) now that
we have 
interfaces.  I would vote -1 to removing the interfaces. 

Rich Scheuerle
XML & Web Services Development
512-838-5115  (IBM TL 678-5115) 

	Glen Daniels <> 

05/09/2002 01:51 PM 
Please respond to axis-dev 

        To:        "'Axis-Dev (E-mail)'" <> 
        Subject:        SerializationContext/DeserializationContext cleanup? 


Does anyone (Rich?) have any real reasons why we have SerializationContext and SerializationContextImpl?
 I know the JAX-RPC SerializationContext is an interface we have to implement, but it seems
to me we could just as easily (and much more conveniently) have axis.encoding.SerializationContext
be a class instead of introducing yet another interface.

Same holds for DeserializationContext/DeserializationContextImpl.

Do you think these are useful + important points of extensibility?  Are there really going
to be other implementations?

If we could coalesce these guys, that would make my life a happier place.


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