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Subject Web Service and EJB with Axis and JBoss
Date Mon, 20 May 2002 16:58:15 GMT
Here is a zip file containing some code and documentation to build and run
some web services implemented as EJBs. The EJBs are deployed in JBoss, the
web services are deployed into Axis. Axis is deployed into Tomcat (which is
bundled with JBoss). The web services are very simple (echo and count type
of operations). The point of this distribution is from an integration point
of view. 

Here is what is covered: 
*	Axis web services implemented using EJBs
*	Request and session scope web service with stateless and stateful
*	JAAS security applied on the EJBs implementation, allowing security
on the web services 
*	HTTPS encryption for some of the web services 
*	Java web service client application (using Axis client API) with
JAAS security and HTTPS. 
*	C# .NET web service client application with JAAS security and HTTPS.

*	VBScript MSSoap Toolkit web service client application with JAAS
security. Could not yet make HTTPS working. 
The axis mailing list helped me a lot to put all that together, so feel free
to reuse it as much as needed. If you find any issues or if you improve it,
I will be happy to integrate the changes.
To the Axis development team, if you want to include some of this (or all of
it) in the Axis distribution and/or documentation, no problem for me.


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