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From "Dimmick, Bill" <>
Subject The "details" are just not that....
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 20:56:57 GMT

	I am trying to get a custom provider working for a come research
here, and I have run into what
I consider the most peculiar error handling.  When trying to get the WSDL
for a service that uses my 
custom provider, I get the following error:
Axis Error

Sorry, something seems to have gone wrong... here are the details:

	Now, I understand that my provider probably isn't perfect or
correct.  That's why this is research.
However, something is missing from the above error message that I need to
debug this problem: the
stack trace.  I checked the catalina_XXX.log, I checked the
localhost_XXXX.log, and the console doesn't 
seem to be printing anything while tomcat is in "run" mode.  

	Am I...

	(A)...missing something?  Some configuration option that turns on
stack traces to the error output?
	(B)...missing a change made post-beta2?  I don't have the latest
CVS, and if I need it, then I'll patch up.
	(C) my rocker?  I am known for spontaneous hallucination.
This may be such a case.
	(D) need to change Axis code in order to do this work myself?  

	I didn't see anything for this in BugTraq, but don't want to open an
issue unless absolutely sure.

	Here's my platform/jvm/tomcat for interested parties:

	Platform: Linux 2.4.16
	JVM: Sun JDK 1.4.0
	Tomcat: 4.0.3-Lite

	Any help on being able to get the stack traces would be most

	Thank you,

Bill Dimmick
HiddenMind Technology

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