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From Melissa Turner <>
Subject Re: Architecture proposals for face-to-face
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 20:04:07 GMT

On Wednesday, May 15, 2002, at 07:54 , Russell Butek wrote:

> Folks, here's a document that we (IBM) were planning to present at the
> face-to-face next week.  Since we're not going to make it, I'll present 
> it
> here.  The intent of this thing is to get us all on the same page with
> respect to how we proceed with AXIS development.  It is intended to be a
> living document that everyone can add to and debate (with this in 
> mind, I
> suggest we store it in CVS).  As items on this document are resolved, we
> can implement them and describe them in the architecture guide.
> (See attached file: architecture-direction.html)
> Russell Butek

A TypeMapping can currently be registered on a service or globally.  
There are several problems with this two tiered system.  Do you have to 
end all of the services to install a new global TypeMapping ?  If a 
(javaType, xmlType) is not registered in the services TM or default TM 
should the global TM be consulted ?  So I propose only supporting 
TypeMapping deployment on services.



Please don't. I'd end up re-registering serializers so many times it's 
not funny (I have n services, each using the same m serializers, where 
both n and m are non-trivial). The current system is bad (the JSR's 
fault, not Axis'), but removing global mappings would make it a 

Proposed answers to questions: I forget exact details of the 
architecture, but I'd lean towards no, that services should not need to 
be ended to install new global TypeMappings. And yes; if you can't find 
a (java, xml) mapping in the services TM or the default TM, check the 
global one.


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