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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: AXIS Test Restructuring
Date Thu, 30 May 2002 22:33:56 GMT

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From: "Tom Jordahl" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 1:46 PM
Subject: RE: AXIS Test Restructuring

> > Me, I think that as well as cleaning up the build process, we need to
> > on the test suite so it runs more like a big fat junit test; you run all
> > tests and get back an XML file of what worked, what date the
> > we go right now the first failure seems to stops the run.
> I know you guys are further along on this now, but I just wanted to note
that I believe we need to go in the other direction.  Right now we pretty
much have to run the whole suite in a lump and what would be really useful
is to be able to run individual tests, or a selection of tests.

but of course. That is what patternsets are for.

If you look at ant's own build file the main test run only runs if you
havent told it to run a single test. The main test runs all tests that are
valid with the current set of optional packages (i.e. do no SwA without
activation.jar), the online stuff only if it thinks we are online, and omits
the tests-that-fail set of tests, because we know they fail.

What we need to do is move from a <junit> invocation to something what runs
buld files directly instead.; the fail-on-first error versus keep-going
option should be a controllable aspect of the build.

> I also like the 'first failure stops the run' mode, and would not like
that to change as the default.  It is perfectly reasonable for automation to
report all the tests that failed in a run however.

well, right now we have 'first fail that isnt a network URL stops the run',
which assumes that the failure to handle any network related URL is probably
net related. Really we should probe each endpoint for being there and only
continue with that test if it is.

...there is some discourse starting on ant-dev with involvement from maven
developers on a task to run one or more build files as tests; I've cited
Axis as a use case.


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