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From "Chris Haddad" <>
Subject writing serializers/deserializers
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 17:39:42 GMT
Axis-dev - 
i'd like to learn more about writing serializers/deserializers in Axis,
and potentially contribute some missing XML Schema support.  There was a
note awhile back about support for xsd:token, xsd:normalizedString, and
xsd:positiveInteger.   Have these been tacked?   Would anyone provide me
with a starting point via e-mail or IRC?
>>From a design perspective, should the validation be performed in Java
code or by the XML parser?  If we leverage the XML parser, would we get
free support for schema facet validation?
Some introductory question:
Is samples.echo a good place to start learning about serializers?   Are
there other better examples?
Would mirroring the Calendar support in axis.encoding.ser be a viable
Would a functional test be placed in test.encoding.TestDeser2001?
Would someone be willing to walk me through some of this on the IRC
channel?  If so, what is the number again.

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