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From "Glyn Normington" <>
Subject Helping with Axis
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 08:02:24 GMT


Read [1] for starters and then [2] on the JAXM theme. The crucial thing is
to set yourself up with cvs, check out Axis, and get it building
successfully (using "ant clean all"). Then any changes you make are safe in
the sense that you can check you don't break the build before you submit
them (as a patch, i.e. collection of deltas created using "cvs diff -u") to
axis-dev. A Committer will eye-ball your changes before committing them to
the Axis cvs, so there's an extra level of safety net. You have to be
prepared to have your code constructively criticised, but, to be honest, we
all make mistakes from time to time, so there's really nothing to worry
about in having your mistakes pointed out in public. Talking of which, I've
copied axis-dev on this note so that the others see what's going on. If you
reply, please do so via axis-dev.

Hope you feel you can start to get involved. My advice would be to dive in
and see how it goes. The rest of us will help you where we can. The IRC
chat is a good place to ask questions interactively. Evidence that you are
actively trying to find your way and solve your own problems in usually
enough to make others want to give you advice and help.


                      "Jamie Powell"                                                     
                      <jamielpowell@hot        To:              
            >                cc:                                    
                      15/04/02 16:45                                                     
                      Please respond to                                                  
                      "Jamie Powell"                                                     

Thanks for your reply. Currently I would love to join the Axis work. Just
don't know how to join. I am really new to this, and really don't know very
much, but would love to help where I could.

I would appreciate any help on directions where to precede.



Jamie Powell

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