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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Proposed Contribution to Apache - WSIF
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2002 12:54:00 GMT
Glyn Normington wrote:
>> Long term, I'd love to see a WebServices project parallel to Jakarta and
>> XML.
> +1. If that just involved a change to the web site to re-classify Apache
> SOAP and Axis, why couldn't it be done sooner rather than later? Would
> there be significant Apache project management changes as well?

I'm thinking in terms of a separate PMC.

These types of things always involve much more than anyone would reasonably
predict.  The web site is the least of my concerns.  The problem is that
when you contemplate a change like this, people start revisiting and
questioning every assumption.  Should Axis be the code base?  Should Axis
be split up?  Should xml-security be included?  How about xml-rpc?  Are
there other code bases we should look to incorporate into the fold?

What is the vision, mission, and goals of the new project?

My intent at the moment is just to plan a seed so that it can possibly
germinate later.  These are excellent things to pursue after an Axis has a
release.  Meanwhile, I'd prefer that these considerations not derail
discussions as to whether or not there is general interest in WSIF as a
technology within Apache.

- Sam Ruby

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