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Subject Transport and server using AMI
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2002 13:43:11 GMT
I am in the process of building a transport and server using the AMI API
for Message Oriented Middleware (MOM).  MOM's include such products as
MQSeries and Tuxedo.  When I am done most likely (I can't promise for sure
yet) that we will be interested in submitting my work to the AXIS project.
Would you be interested?  If this implementation goes well I may be tasked
to do the same thing using JMS.

I have based my work on the transport sample.  I have coded the transport
itself.  I am now working on a server.  I have a preliminary server that is
single threaded, but i want to make it multithreaded.  These servers run
stand alone and not in an Application Server.

Some question

     1,  Is the AxisServer thread safe?  I notice it takes some time to be
created and would like to share one with multiple threads.
     2.  Would you want the server to support WSDL exploration?  I don't
now if this might be over kill , since to use this product you would
already need to know quite a bit including the queue.
     3.  Do you know of a way that send and receive queues could be put
into the WSDL?
     4.  Does there need to be support for stopping the server using a
message?  I don't think so.

If I have sent this to the wrong list please forgive me.

Jeffrey V. Simpson
Sr. Technical  Consultant

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