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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Fix to WSDL2Java SymbolTable
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 18:04:56 GMT
Thanks, Jason!

I've made your fix (with slight modifications) and all our tests pass.  Of
course all our tests passed before, so perhaps you could grab the latest
code from CVS and verify that my 'slight modifications' aren't too drastic.

Russell Butek

"Blumenkrantz, Jason" <> on 04/03/2002 10:57:12

Please respond to

To:    "Axis-Dev (E-mail)" <>
Subject:    [PATCH] Fix to WSDL2Java SymbolTable

Using the latest nigthly build, I am unable to use WSDL2Java on local WSDL
files with local relative imported WSDL files. Looking into
SymbolTable.getURL(), it looks like the third attempt
 if (contextURL != null) {
                    String contextFileName = contextURL.getFile();
                    String parentName = new
was never quite completed. The supplied patch will take the parent name and
build a new url from it:
 url = new URL("file:" + parentName + File.separator + spec);
which will create a file where the spec is relative to the parent on the
file system. This works for my case of local WSDL files with local relative
imports and shouldn't affect the existing code any. The patch was made
against the 4/3 nightly build.

Jason Blumenkrantz


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