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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject RE: Beta 2 progress
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 13:00:05 GMT
Given yesterday's input, here's the latest beta 2 must-do list:

* <Glen> Clean up User's Guide
X <Russell> Clean up sample readme's
X <Russell> beta1-to-beta2 document
X <Russell> Grow the FAQ
X <> Make sure the gump build works
X <RickR/Doug> Make sure the attachment sample works
! <Glen> Cleanup of Java2WSDL ClassRep - NOT FOR BETA 2
* <Glen> Bugzilla 6872/7373
X <Tom> 8395 (probably not but under investigation)

There are 3 non-X'ed items:
1.  * <Glen> Clean up User's Guide
2.  ! <Glen> Cleanup of Java2WSDL ClassRep - NOT FOR BETA 2
3.  * <Glen> Bugzilla 6872/7373

#1, more coming today.  #2 is no longer a beta 2 issue.  #3 waiting for
user verification.

Is it worth holding up the beta for #3 verification?  If not, then all
we're waiting for is Glen's last updates to the User's Guide.  Glen, let me
know when you're done and I'll release a beta 2 candidate.  We can let
folks play with it today and Monday and if there are no problems I'll turn
it into the official beta 2 Monday evening.

By the way, I'm heading out of town at 3:00 central (4:00 eastern) this
afternoon.  So if I don't get the go-ahead for the beta by around 2:00
it'll have to wait until Monday (unless someone else wants to release it).

Russell Butek

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