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From Thomas Sandholm <>
Subject XML Schema compiler for Axis
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2002 21:34:46 GMT
We are working a lot with literal encoding of data and hence need good 
mechanisms for converting Java Beans to/from XML.

The WSDL2Java compiler generates nice code to plug in the Beans into the 
BeanSerializer and the Axis TypeMapping system. There are however two 
issues with the generated code which are hard for us to work around.

1) When a Bean is generated from an XMLSchema type definition the namespace 
of the type definition is not preserved in the type metadata.
Question: Is this intentional or is it something you plan to include in the 
future? It tends to make life difficult for the client side engine when 
marshalling literal requests.

2) There is no high-level API to convert A Bean to/from an XML Infoset type 
(like a DOM Element) or an IO Stream, which is common in XML Schema 
compiler tools like Castor. For example toElement(), toStream(), 
fromElement(), fromStream() would be useful to have on the generated Beans.
Question: Is this an API that you think makes sense for Axis to support in 
the future, or should we wait for JAXB or use a 3rd party schema compiler 
for this purpose? The reason we want this is to be able to issue in memory 
XQuery like queries on a set of Bean instances.


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