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From Richard Emberson <>
Subject Dates, Calendars, and GregorianCalendar : howto
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 01:25:51 GMT
Trying to send a Date .... As far as I can tell, Date is not a
primitive, built into Axis, type.
So, how about sending a Calendar. Well, that does not work either. There

are Calendar
serializers/deserializers registered (with the class
java.util.Calendar), but one can not
make an instance of Calendar - its abstract. One can make a
GregorianCalendar, but
then one can not lookup the serializer/deserializer by class because
they are registered with
the Calendar class.

I have a list of objects and I do not know what they are before hand.
One of them is a Date
(or GregorianCalendar) object - other than build my own
serializer/deserializer pair (I've
already written 20 or 30 of them for my own objects so I certainly can
do that -- but I
would expect that someone, somewhere has already tried to send/recieve a

Date object) is
there any way using builtin Axis types to do it?



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