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From Neil Smyth <>
Subject changing permissions on SymbolTable.add()
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 10:04:50 GMT
I am looking to leverage the code in wsdl.toJava.SymbolTable and the
wsdl.toJava package in general, to generate sample XML for a given message
part. Currently I am using a slightly modified version of beta1 where I have
upgraded the permission on SymbolTable.add() to public as it is currently
protected, and with beta2 coming down the pipeline I was hoping this change
could make it into it.

The only information I am interested in from the wsdl file is the parts
description, so going through the whole writerFactory/writer mechanism is
overkill. I think the symbol table is useful in its own right but keeping
the add method protected makes it difficult to get a populated symbol table,
though not impossible, from the current API.

I am happy to update my code as the toJava package changes as I am aware
that it is not a stable API.



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