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From joe shoop <>
Subject Flash SOAP
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2002 17:42:54 GMT

    I have been working with SOAP for a while, and
swiitched to Axis over the past couple of months and
have been really impressed. I do quite a bit of work
with Flash(Macromedia) developers, and in working with
them I realized that there was no SOAP support built
into Flash. So over the past few weeks I have put
together an plugin for Flash programmers to allow them
to seemlessly use SOAP. While Flash is hardly an ideal
develpment environment for a Java programmer, it does
have a scripting language based on Javascript and has
XML parsing/DOM support. Most Flash programmers are
more graphics based developlers, so this plugin might
be of great use to Flash developers who need to access
server data. I have the pluigin working with the Axis
'echo' example with a little modification to the Axis
Servlet. I believe in a few more weeks this could
definitly in a beta state. Would the Axis group be
interested in incorporating this into the Axis
package? I would like to donate this to the community
of developers somewhere. I understand that you will no
doubt like some more information, so if you are
interested, please let me know.



Joseph Shoop

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