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From "CHEN,SHIH-CHANG (HP-NewJersey,ex2)" <>
Subject RE: HTTPSender
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 14:09:34 GMT
1. it sounds good but, fo course, this never means it works well.
And i agree that it's not a good time to move to jdk1.4 right now.

2. if before, we alsoe use jakarta's httpclient in jaxm but
found some problems. At least, i found web-proxy does not
work properly. When i look into the codes, i found the proxy
logic has not been finished yet.

3. so, yoour suggestion is that i should make changes to jakarta's 
httpclient, and then modify Axis HTTPSender to use the httpclient,
did i understand correctly ? This is better way but may take more
time than just implementing http1.1 keep-alive-conn and chunking in
HTTPSender ... Then we make the HTTPSender more and more difficult
to read and maintain because we implement all http request/response
logic inside just one method! Anyway, I will finish the modifcation
and tests of HTTPSender for keep-alive-conn and chunking soon.


> > Yes, we just discussed that. If this code is helpful for
> > general cases, we would like to contribute that. However,
> > the jsse stuff still need times to do... And a good news
> > for http client is that jdk1.4 will fully implement
> > RFC2616(http1.1). I attended a networking session of javaone.
> yes, but will it be any good?
> the reason for jakarta's httpclient is that it works, and 
> works consistenly
> across all java1.2+ platforms. misbehaves 
> differently on java1.2 to
> java1.3, with things like cookie handling, error handling, 
> and on both it
> sometimes does stupid things like downgrade the content length if the
> response is shorter than it promises and the full response 
> (headers and
> bodies) comes in a single TCP packet or MTU size or less.
> If we rely on java1.4 for clients to work, Axis won't work 
> for a lot of
> clients out there. But if we mandate httpclient then the 
> client download is
> bigger. Best would be some kind of facade.
> and of course, if httpclient isnt complete, you can make changes...
> -steve

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