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From "Claire Chauvet" <>
Subject ElementHolder
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 14:48:27 GMT
Hello everybody !

I send my WSDL file and the stub file generated from the WSDL with

The problem is in the generated method declaration :

public void testMethod(org.w3c.dom.Element domQueryDef,
org.w3c.dom.ElementHolder pdomResult, javax.xml.rpc.holders.DateHolder

org.w3c.dom.Element are correctly handled if they are in-parameters, but not
if they are out-parameters.

If you look at, it seems that I have
to create my own ElementHolders,
in the org.w3c.dom package !

To make it work, I just considered that org.w3c.Element are returned in
ObjectHolders by changing this line in the
"holder" function :
- if (typeValue.equals("Object"))
    return javax.xml.rpc.holders.ObjectHolders;
for this line :
- if (typeValue.equals("Object") || typeValue.equals("org.w3c.dom.Element"))
    return javax.xml.rpc.holders.ObjectHolders;

I really think a proper solution is to add and
javax.xml.rpc.holders.ElementHolder, but this solution works fine and it is
just five words to add ;-)

Thank you in advance, I know you are overflowed of work with beta2 ;-)


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