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From <>
Subject Re: Deserialization broken ? ( both beta and nightly )
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2002 19:18:44 GMT
On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, R J Scheuerle Jr wrote:

> Could you at least send the Request/Response messages (use tcpmon to
> capture the messages).

The message is very long and compex, and you'll need the beans too.
I'll try to make a simpler test case and beans - but I first 
need to find out what is actually causing the problem.

Simple messages are ok, even if the objects are sent after 
the href. It's on the complex hierarchy where things are
not 'fixed' up the tree. 

BTW, tcpmon has some code to change the Host:, and this 
brakes the Content-Length - so my server is hunged expecting
to read more data.

First thing I'll do when I have a free weekend is to
refactor tcpmon and do some better parsing of the request.
It's a great tool, but doesn't work.

> Are you using Axis for both the client and server ?

> Without a testcase or more information, I cannot help much.

Yes, I know :-)



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