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From "R J Scheuerle Jr" <>
Subject RE: Discovered some problems with the meta data.
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 19:19:16 GMT
Is the meta-data for the literal case or for all cases.
I would prefer that the meta-data would support both.
Therefore an element needs to have a qname for literal and encoded.
(Or perhaps one qname and a boolean flag indicating that it is either
qualified or unqualified.)

I also believe that if meta data is generated for a bean, then meta data
should be generated for
all of the fields.  A mixture of meta data and introspection is

Rich Scheuerle
XML & Web Services Development
512-838-5115  (IBM TL 678-5115)

                      Glen Daniels                                                       
                      <gdaniels@macrome        To:       R J Scheuerle Jr/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
            >                 cc:       "'Axis-Dev (E-mail)'" <>
                                               Subject:  RE: Discovered some problems with
the meta data.                              
                      03/26/2002 12:21                                                   
                      Please respond to                                                  

> 1) In the wrapped wsd test, the wsdl indicates that an Attaction has a
> contained element called _OID.
> This causes the bean to contain the following code:
>    static {
>         org.apache.axis.description.FieldDesc field = new
> org.apache.axis.description.ElementDesc();
>         field.setFieldName("oID");
>         field.setXmlName(new
> javax.xml.rpc.namespace.QName("urn:CityBBB", "
> _OID"));
>         typeDesc.addFieldDesc(field);
>     }
> However, when I run tcpmon I see that the element is actually
> sent over the
> wire with the name OID not _OID.
> So there apparently is a bug in the BeanSerializer.

Weird, will look into it.

> 2) For the case above, my protype serializer sends the
> element across the
> wire correct (_OID), but the
> BeanDeserializer reports an exception indicating that _OID is
> not a valid
> element name.
> So there apparently is a similar bug in the BeanDeserializer
> reading the
> meta data.


> 3) I also contend that for this element, the xmlName should
> be QName("", "
> _OID")not QName("urn:CityBBB", "_OID"). The element is
> defined in the wsdl
> as a non-qualified inner element of a complexType; therefore
> it should be
> passed over the wire without a namespace and received without
> a namespace.
> If the element was defined using a ref= attribute, then the
> element would
> be a qualified namespace; thus the namespace would be required.

No, that is incorrect because we're using literal XML here.  The schema
defines those elements in the target namespace, and they should thus be

> So I contend that the meta data is also wrong for _OID.

Nope, though there are clearly some problems if the XML isn't being
serialized/deserialized correctly.


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