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From (Kevin A. Burton)
Subject [ANNOUNCE] JXTA Bridge - SOAP over JXTA
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 23:26:47 GMT
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I have hinted that this was in development... I just finished it up today.

I would like to announce a new JXTA based project.  JXTA Bridge...


The JXTA Bridge project is designed to allow SOAP communication over the JXTA
P2P network.

The design goals of SOAP integrated with JXTA are very attractive.

   1. You can now use JXTA and don't have to worry about building in protocol
      style interaction for your services.

   2. You can use SOAP encodings, faults, etc over the JXTA network.

   3. JXTA services from different parties can now interact easier without
      having to worry about protocol level details.

   4. Services you build for JXTA can also be deployed over other
      networks. HTTP, SMTP, etc

Bridge will be used with Reptile ( to provide
JXTA and HTTP service bindings.  (sorry for the self-plug)
Internally it uses the XML Axis toolkit ( and uses
its transport architecture to redirect over JXTA.

I would like to propose that this be adopted by JXTA as a new project
("Bridge").  The license is compatible (BSD) and the code is very solid.
Thanks to all of the JXTA developers for building a *great* P2P platform and to
the Axis developers for building a great SOAP framework and making sure it had
portable transports!

PS.  Sorry for the cross-post but I felt that both organizations would be
interested in this.

PPS.  I would like to talk about this at the Town Hall Meeting if I could get a
few minutes.


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