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From Jaroslaw Balut <>
Subject Method's result message part name problem
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 14:39:34 GMT
I noticed, that a default method's result part name, in a response
message of the WSDL file generated by a "?wsdl" request, is "return"
(see init (...) in MethodRep class), while the default one generated by
the RPCProvider class is "<methodName>Result" (where <methodName> is a
name of a called method).
This causes an inter operability problem (at least with the WASP toolkit
from, which depends on message part names from the WSDL
file, during method's result parsing). I had to put a bunch of
"<operation .../>" tags into my service's deployment descriptor, to
force the RPCProvider to generate the "return" name for methods' result

The question is: shouldn't the above default names be unified?


P.S. I am using a "beta 1" version of Axis.

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