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From Thomas Börkel>
Subject RE: Proposed change for for Beta 1
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2002 15:00:38 GMT

I can describe how I did it:

I have ONE service deployed (I can provide the deployment wsdd, if you want, I deploy at runtime
with a string) with a dummy class and method and my own transport always tells Axis to use
that one service. Also, the transport sets the real class name as property in the MessageContext.

For the service, I have defined my own provider. This provider ignores the class and object
that Axis gives to the provider in processMessage() and instead reads the class name from
the MessageContext.

It is required to have your own transport if you want to do it that way, AFAIK.

An alternative to my method, would be for the transport to deploy the services/classes dynamically
at the first call to this class. This way, Axis would get the real class and object and give
it to my provider. This is a change I *may* make sometime.

With the proposed change, I can derive from RPCProvider, override some methods and implement
my own method search, invocation and security with little effort. Before, I derived from JavaProvider
and copied the SOAP request analyze and SOAP answer compose code from RPCProvider.

The reason, we needed invocation without deployment is the fact, that we expose around 200
java classes as web services. To keep the Java classes always in sync with the deployment
WSDDs during development (the client comes also from us) would be a real pain.

Requests for WSDL are satisfied on the fly.

If you need further information, feel free to ask.


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> From: William Lee []
> Sent: Freitag, 8. März 2002 12:30
> To:
> Subject: Re: Proposed change for for Beta 1
> Changes posted by Thomas Börkel seems to be related to my proposal on 
> implementing the dynamic RPCProvider, is there any more 
> information on 
> how to perform your "invocation without deployment" in the 
> Axis framework?
> William Lee
> Thomas Börkel wrote:
> > HI!
> > 
> > I have made a few minor changes (only extract code from 
> processMessage() to seperate methods) in 
> (please find attached) that allow us much more easily to do 
> our own invocation without deployment (one service deployed 
> for all our classes).
> > 
> > These are the changes:
> > - added MessageContext parameter to getMethod()
> > - added method invokeMethod()
> > - added method checkMethodName()
> > 
> > It would be EXTREMELY helpful, if you could commit these 
> changes into Beta 1.
> > 
> > Thanks!
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Thomas
> > 
> > 
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> William Lee
> Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine
> Room 354, Department of Computing,
> 180 Queen's Gate
> London SW7 2BZ, U.K.

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