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From "Paul E. Bloch" <>
Subject corrupt download
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 18:00:05 GMT
I downloaded 
<> and 
found it corrupt.  I downloaded it using mozilla-0.9.9 and 
wget-1.8.1.  When I try to  un-tar it using gtar-1.13 on Solaris 8,
I get the following:


gzip: stdin: decompression OK, trailing garbage ignored
gtar: Child returned status 2
gtar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

The file <> 
appears fine.  It unpacks and gives several more files.

  inflating: xml-axis-beta1/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/lib/commons-logging.jar  
  inflating: xml-axis-beta1/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/lib/jaxrpc.jar  
  inflating: xml-axis-beta1/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/lib/log4j-core.jar  
  inflating: xml-axis-beta1/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/lib/tt-bytecode.jar  
  inflating: xml-axis-beta1/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/lib/wsdl4j.jar  
  inflating: xml-axis-beta1/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/perms.lst  
  inflating: xml-axis-beta1/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/users.lst  
  inflating: xml-axis-beta1/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/web.xml  

paul e. bloch, systems administrator            <>
department of computer science                  <>
1202 university of oregon                       <tel:+1-541-346-4451>
eugene OR 97403-1202 USA                        <fax:+1-541-346-5373>

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