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From Stephen Belknap <>
Subject namespace question for wsdl generation in JavaProvider (beta1 rc2 )
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2002 20:08:21 GMT
i originally posted this on the user list, but thought that it might be
better fit in the dev list since i'm asking about a particular line of code
and what it could (possibly) be doing wrong.  thanks.

this question applies to beta1 rc2.  

when i try to generate the WSDL from the ?wsdl query, the namespaces that
get generated for the targetNamespace, intf, and impl all includes a
complete URL that includes the location of the machine that hte axis servlet
is running on.

also, all namespace="" values in the <binding> tag include the same full URL
(http://localhost:8080..../<service_name> as the namespace.

alpha3 of axis did not generate the wsdl file the same way, and only had the
full URL for the targetNamespace. in each of the <binding> tags, it did not
have the machine location (for example,
namespace="urn:xmltoday-delayed-quotes" ).

why is this difference present? which way is correct?

i searched through the source code, and in the generateWSDL(MessageContext)
method of JavaProvider (about line 274), i see that there is a String urn
variable declared, but not used.  should the call 


be instead 


??  if i change setIntfNamespace to use urn instead of url, it generates a
wsdl sheet similar to what alpha3 generated.

what would the above change affect?

please help clarify this issue for me.  thanks in advance,

-stephen belknap

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