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From "Greg Weinger" <>
Subject RE: Stress-testing the client
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2002 02:02:46 GMT
> From: Nelson Minar []
> >After around 950 consecutive calls, I start to get a
> >" Operation timed out: connect"
> The underlying problem is usually forgetting to call close() on the
> appropriate resource. 

Thanks so much, that's the insight I needed.  The exception was
misleading because the trouble had to do with file writing I was doing,
and not the SOAP-related code.  

I was writing results to the filesystem with a FileWriter inside of a
BufferedWriter.  I was calling close() on the BufferedWriter but not
explicitly on FileWriter.  When I added the explicit close(), the
problem went away.  

It appears the open files accumulated until the process reached its
limit, preventing the OS from allocating a new Socket for the
connection; thus the Connection timeout.  The Axis client code is
vindicated! ;-)

> What OS is this on?

I am using Windows 2000 Professional.  

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