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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject Re: JAX-RPC PD2 compliance
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 14:25:57 GMT
AXIS WILL follow the JAX-RPC spec.  The problem is, JAX-RPC is not a spec
yet, it's a moving target, and it will continue to move until early summer.
We were fairly close to complying with the 0.5 version, but PD2 is 0.7 and
we're not there, yet.

As for section 12 specifically, I'll let Glen and dims answer that one as
they're working on that item.

Russell Butek

"Adam.Leggett" <> on 02/14/2002 08:18:20 AM

Please respond to

To:, "Axis User ("
Subject:  JAX-RPC PD2 compliance

Im a confirmed Axis user and regular contributor to Axis-User but I thought
it might help to cross post this query.

The software house I work for is about to embark on developing a web
services solution. I am chief advocate of using Axis, even tho its in
for the first increment of this project.

My questions are :

1)given that I would prefer to adopt a standards based approach, can I make
assumptions that Axis will follow the JAX-RPC spec? In particular, what is
the effort to comply with the PD2 that's just been published? Our proof of
concept makes heavy use of the excellent 'handler' and 'context'
architecture that comes with Axis. I noticed that something similar is now
part of the api download and in section 12 of the 0.7 spec.

2)Are there any tentative timescales for adoption (if at all) of the new

I must point out that I'm extremely appreciative of contributors to the
project. And in some way I do attempt to contribute myself via dealing with
some of the simpler axis-user queries. So any response to the above would
most welcome.

Thanks in advance

Adam Leggett
Direct Line: 0113 20 10 631
Fax: 0113 20 10 666
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