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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject RE: emitAll option in WSDL2Java
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 17:11:58 GMT
Glen wrote:
> > What is the relationship between --all and --noImports?  We can say a
> > couple things:
> > 1.  --all supercedes --noImports
> > 2.  --all refers to elements in the immediate WSDL file but
> > not in imported
> > files.
> > I think I prefer #2.
> I think --all simply means "don't track references, just generate
> everything in scope", where "in scope" is defined as per usual.  If you
> follow imports and --all is specified, you should generate everything
> everywhere.

and if you don't follow imports and --all is specified, then only the stuff
in the immediate file (the current scope) is generated.  So you agree with
me.  Or maybe I agree with you.

> > If there are unused types that are generated by --all, then
> > do those types
> > go into deploy.wsdd?  I would say no since the service itself
> > doesn't use
> > those types.  But that would make the code a whole lot more
> > complex.  (I'd
> > still say no, but I'd grumble as I implement it!)
> I see no reason not to put the mappings into the deploy.wsdd if the types
> get generated.  At the very worst, this means a few unused <typeMappings>
> which can be copied and pasted into other deployment descriptors quite
> easily when/if those types get used in other contexts.

Good enough for me.  Makes the code simpler.

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