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From "Richard Sitze" <>
Subject [AXIS - PATCH] More logging changes
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 17:27:43 GMT
Some of these may be more controversial, so I'd appreciate a review by
interested parties before anyone applies the patch (diff -u, right?).

(See attached file: diffs.txt)

Summary of changes:

0.  Everyone needs to learn how to edit/override rather
than writing code with System.out.println....  The tests will fail for most
such code.

1.  New jar file, only needed for test (doesn't need to be distributed).

to be added in new directory test/lib:  (See attached file:

2.  test/utils/ is a "check-in" test that verifies
aspects of the source code.  It has been changed to use a list of triplets:
regex (Perl5) filename, regex file-content, and content-match flag (should
or shouldn't be in file...).  Matching names and content generate an error.
It currently looks for:
    -  direct use of log4j (error)
    -  use of System.out.println or System.err.println.  Eexceptions are,, client/,
providers/,, and all tooling in wsdl.

3.  Outside of the listed exceptions, I've removed use of
System.out.println or System.err.println and replaced with,
log.debug, or log.error as seemed appropriate (thereby allowing test to
pass :-).

4.  To facilitate output that USE to appear, I've changed the log4j
properties file to allow INFO, ERROR, and FATAL log messages to be dumped
to the console.... of course we see even more now.

Richard A. Sitze  
CORBA Interoperability & WebServices
IBM WebSphere Development
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