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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] JavaUtils.xmlNameToJava() updates
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 21:05:33 GMT
Dave,  I just committed this (with a couple tweaks of my own).  Thanks!

Russell Butek

Russell Butek/Austin/IBM@IBMUS on 02/12/2002 08:12:01 AM

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Subject:  Re: [PATCH] JavaUtils.xmlNameToJava() updates

Well, strictly speaking, "FOOBar" stays "FOOBar" if it's a class name but
becomes "fOOBar" for a method name.  Rather odd-looking, but it keeps the
rules simple.

I'll take a look at your patch as I get the chance sometime in the next day
or two.

Thanks for the work!

Russell Butek

Dave Dunkin <> on 02/11/2002 05:34:03 PM

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Subject:  [PATCH] JavaUtils.xmlNameToJava() updates

Here is a patch to bring JavaUtils.xmlNameToJava() in line with the
JAX-RPC spec. Also attached is a junit test case for the method. The one
case that I'm not sure about is what to do with "FOOBar." From my
reading of the spec I would think the correct mapping would be "FOOBar"
to "FOOBar" (and that's how I implemented it), but it might also be

Dave Dunkin

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