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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject Re: [GUMP] Build Failure - Axis
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 13:49:27 GMT
Ouch!  Do we have a multithreading problem?  Has anyone else seen this
failure?  I suppose we should debug this if we find the time.

Russell Butek

Sam Ruby/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS on 02/20/2002 07:46:32 AM

Please respond to

Subject:  [GUMP] Build Failure - Axis

This email is autogenerated from the output from:

Build results exceed maximum length.
Please see URL above for details.
Last 50 lines of build output follows.

    [junit]     <property name="env.jakarta_ant_myrmidon" value
    [junit]     <property name="env.scarab" value="1"></property>
    [junit]     <property name="docs.dir" value="./docs"></property>
    [junit]     <property name="axis.version" value="alpha 3"></property>
    [junit]     <property name="env.gump" value="1"></property>
    [junit]     <property name="env.dist_ant" value="1"></property>
    [junit]     <property name="packages" value="org.*,javax.*"></property>
    [junit]     <property name="env.jakarta_avalon_dist" value
    [junit]     <property name="env.SHELL" value="/bin/sh"></property>
    [junit]     <property name="env.JREHOME" value
    [junit]     <property name="env.commons_io" value="1"></property>
    [junit]     <property name="clutil.present" value="true"></property>
    [junit]     <property name="env.rhino" value="1"></property>
    [junit]     <property name="env.jakarta_turbine_torque" value
    [junit]     <property name="env.xml_xalan2_smoketest" value
    [junit]     <property name="java.vendor" value="Sun Microsystems
    [junit]     <property name="env.jakarta_avalon_exceptionutil" value
    [junit]     <property name="env.commons_jxpath" value="1"></property>
    [junit]     <property name="java.specification.version" value
    [junit]     <property name="env.jakarta_jetspeed" value="1"></property>
    [junit]   </properties>
    [junit]   <testcase name="testMultithreading" time="51.51">
    [junit]     <failure message="Throwable caught:
java.lang.IllegalStateException" type

Throwable caught: java.lang.IllegalStateException
    [junit]    at test.wsdl.multithread.MultithreadTestCase$
    [junit]    at
    [junit] </failure>
    [junit]   </testcase>
    [junit]   <system-out></system-out>
    [junit]   <system-err></system-err>
    [junit] </testsuite>
dropping /home/rubys/jakarta/xml-security/xmlsec.jar from path as it
doesn't exist
Trying to override old definition of task runaxisfunctionaltests


     [echo] Stopping test http server.
dropping /home/rubys/jakarta/xml-security/xmlsec.jar from path as it
doesn't exist
dropping /home/rubys/jakarta/xml-security/xmlsec.jar from path as it
doesn't exist
dropping /home/rubys/jakarta/xml-security/xmlsec.jar from path as it
doesn't exist
dropping /home/rubys/jakarta/xml-security/xmlsec.jar from path as it
doesn't exist
     [java] Doing a quit
     [java] Administration service requested to quit, quitting.
     [java] SimpleAxisServer quitting.
     [java] <Admin> quitting.</Admin>
[runaxisfunctionaltests] RunAxisFunctionalTestsTask.callStop successfully
sent quit message.

/home/rubys/jakarta/xml-axis/java/test/build_functional_tests.xml:93: Test
test.wsdl.multithread.MultithreadTestCase failed

Total time: 9 minutes 23 seconds

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