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From Melissa Turner <>
Subject Changing the default type mapping registry?
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 02:50:12 GMT
We've run into the following situation:

We have a number of classes that share certain characteristics, and 
which we need to serialize and deserialize, and we'd like to avoid 
having to register a separate serializer/deserializer pair for each 
class. It looks like the best way to do this is to write our own 
subclass of TypeMappingRegistry that DoesTheRightThing (looks for a 
registered serializer for a class, if it can't find one, returns the 

To do this we need to set a type mapping registry on the AxisEngine 
instance's DeploymentRegistry.

AxisEngine engine = getEngine();
engine.getDeploymentRegistry().addTypeMappingRegistry(null, myRegistry);

Is there any chance we could get some API on AxisEngine itself to 
support switching the default type mapping registry?  Something like:

     public void setTypeMappingRegistry(TypeMappingRegistry)
         myRegistry.addTypeMappingRegistry("", aRegistry);

Or are we headed in entirely the wrong direction?


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