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From Tom Jordahl <>
Subject RE: SalesRankNPrice test problems
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 15:59:46 GMT

I know this test is painful to some people (Sorry Glyn!), but I believe it is important to
have a .NET web service (and WSDL) in the test suite.  In this case, however, I though that
1) perfectxml was a stable site/company and 2) that it would come back up in a day (or 2 at
the most).  I guess I was wrong, so I support excluding the test for now.

If I was more ant-savvy, I would like this test to fail gracefully - i.e. WSDL2Java would
ignore the connection failures and the Java test files for the WSDL in question would be excluded
from the build if WSDL2Java failed.  Anyone want to volunteer to attempt this?  Is it possible
given our current framework?

Glen had the good idea of separating out all interop tests that go out of machine in to another

Has anyone heard from Berin, who originally provided us with the WSDL test harness?

Tom Jordahl

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From: Russell Butek []
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2002 5:02 PM
Subject: SalesRankNPrice test problems

SalesRankNPrice hasn't worked for over a week, now.  Its web server - - no longer responds.

I understand why we need a remote site for this test, it's our
document/literal test and AXIS doesn't support document/literal on the
server, so we have to use some other server to test our client.  But this
site has been down.

How many people would complain if I commented out this test (both in
Wsdl2javaTestSuite.xml and in  The
site it depends on looks to be bad.  Tom, would you be able to find another
document/literal-supported service and use that instead?  If you can't get
to it soon, I really want to comment out this test.

Russell Butek

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